Business Administration - AS-T

This degree is designed to provide students with the common core of lower division courses required to transfer and pursue a BA degree in Business Administration. This includes business degrees with options such as accounting, finance, human resources management, international business, management, operations management, and marketing.

ACCT200 Financial Accounting     4
ACCT201 Managerial Accounting     4
ECON200  Principles of Macroeconomics     3
ECON200H Principles of Macroeconomics - Honors     3
ECON201  Principles of Microeconomics     3
ECON201H  Principles of Microeconomics - Honors     3
BUSAD210  Business Law     3
BUSAD211  The Legal Environment of Business     3
 LIST A  (Select one) 4 units  
 ECON208  Business and Economics Statistics     4
 MATH108  Introduction to Probability and Statistics     4
 LIST B  Two courses from list B & course not used in list A  
 BUSAD100  Introduction to Business     3
 CIT 101  Introduction to Computer Literacy     3
 MATH102  College Algebra     4
Major Total Units 27-29