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This department is in the division of Science.

The courses offered in the Biology Department are designed to meet the demands of science and non-science majors. For non-majors, the department's goal is to educate students so they can make informed choices about key environmental and personal issues. The public's awakening to environmental issues emphasizes the increasing need to appreciate various life forms, life form interactions with other life forms and the environment, and the human impact on our finite resources. The public is increasingly asked to make economic and ethical decisions on issues concerning the environment and to make choices about personal habits in their daily lives that effect the earth and future generations.

For Biology majors or those pursuing Health Science careers, the courses provide a strong background in the biological sciences. The first two years of university academic preparation can be completed for students transferring to four-year institutions. Courses in the department are coordinated with Chemistry, Physics, and Math to streamline students efforts in taking all foundational courses in a reasonable period of time. These students are typically interested in careers such as teaching, research, or other biological endeavors. Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution and major in biology or a related field should consult with a counselor regarding the transfer process and lower division requirements.

For students transferring to a Health Science program, the department offers all courses that are typically prerequisite for entry to these programs. Anatomy and Physiology classes are offered in both a 2 semester systemic format and in separate courses of Human Anatomy and Human Physiology.

The department is currently working on an online living-lab-garden database open to the public. The website offers insite on local plant and wildlife found on our campus. It also provides guidence on how to get involve in our campus volunteer projects.