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This department is in the division of Science.

The Architecture curriculum is designed to provide students with the following understanding and skills:

  1. Verbal and graphic methods of communication;
  2. An understanding of the social and environmental problems in the United States and other countries;
  3. Creative solutions to existing and future problems in the United States and other countries; and
  4. How to implement new ideas in a reasonable amount of time.

The areas of study include how to develop a better quality of life through efficient housing, new building material development, new construction methods, new work methods, solar and wind power, efficient use of resources, and a reduction of waste in materials and time.

A learning-by-doing approach is stressed in preparation for the job market or for transfer to a university to further study in architecture, architectural engineering, city planning, or landscape architecture. Students planning to transfer to four-year institution and major in one of these fields should consult with a counselor regarding the transfer process and lower division requirements.