Anthropology Study Abroad

the city of dublin at night

In 2020, students have the opportunity to study ANTHRO 102 Cultural Anthropology (3 units) in Dublin and Galway, Ireland. Exploring urban life, cultural landscapes, and Irish heritage, students will feel anthropology come alive. This class transfers to CSU and UC systems.

This is a 5-week class held in Summer Session 1 2020 beginning with face-to-face classes on the SBVC campus June 1. The first three weeks of this class will be held on the SBVC campus. On or around June 19, we will travel together as a class to Ireland, where we will hold the last two weeks of class. First, we will study in Dublin, city of saints and scholars. Then we will move to Galway, the "cultural heart" of Ireland. Classes will be held in the mornings, and in the afternoons students will have out-of-class learning experiences that allow them to apply, evaluate, and reconsider classroom learning. Students will visit the Cliffs of Moher, Kilmainham Gaol, and the Irish Emigration Museum. They will take an Irish language class and an Irish dancing class.

Total cost, not including SBVC tuition: $3600

Included in the program cost: health insurance, dorm placement at Trinity College in Dublin and National University of Ireland in Galway; welcome dinner, farewell dinner, Dublin bus pass, and entrance fees to the sites mentioned above

Requirements: 18 yrs old, 2.5+ GPA, completion of 12 transfer-level college classes

For more information about the program or course, contact Dr. Melissa King at

To register and inquire about payment, contact Patty Jones in the SBVC Counseling Department at or 909 384 8975.