Flight Operations - Certificate

This certificate program in Flight Operations is designed for students interested in careers as a pilot in general aviation, commercial aviation,or military aviation. This certificate prepares students for employment or transfer to other colleges, and includes Federal Aviation Administration approved curricula in basic ground school, advanced ground school, and instrument ground school. Through the San Bernardino Valley College Flying Club students have the opportunity to gain flight experience at a nominal cost as they prepare for the private pilot, commercial pilot, or instrument pilot ratings. Students working tor certificates must have a basic knowledge of arithmetic, reading, and writing in order to learn and work in the occupations they select.

Required Courses: Units
AERO 021 Aviation Fundamentals 3
AERO 022 Private Pilot Ground School 6
AERO 024 Aircraft Powerplants 3
AERO 025 Flight Safety 2
AERO 026 Airframe Structures 3
AERO 040 Instrument Ground School 4
AERO 046 Aviation Weather 3
Total Units 24
AERO 022 may be waived if students have taken an equivalent course, students are encouraged to see the Department Chair to determine whether course is equivalent to AERO 022.  

Gainful Employment Disclosure Information

On-time Completion Rates and Estimated Cost of Program