Maintain the grounds, landscaping and parking Facilities

Grounds and Irrigation Repairs, Pavement and Parking Lot Maintenance

The Grounds department maintains 83.5 acres of campus landscape and parking facilities. Grounds Maintenance maintains athletic fields, such as the football, track, softball and baseball fields. Campus irrigation is managed through an automated central control system. The irrigation requirements of the campus are monitored and updated as necessary based on actual weather conditions. For afterhours emergencies, please contact (909)384-4491 for assistance. For additional information, please call (909) 384-8906.

Work Requests (On Campus Only)

The following are examples of grounds work requests:

  • Any landscape issues, including potential pavement hazards, plant materials and irrigation concerns
  • Exterior litter
  • Outdoor athletic areas


Business Hours: Monday - Friday - 6:00 am to 2:30 pm

Director, Facilities, Maintenance & Operations  Jenkins, Robert
Maintenance & Grounds Supervisor Hylton, Christopher
 Administrative Secretary Rodriguez, Judy