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Universal Access Point

Online College: Universal Access Point (UAP)

Click the links below for specific information about specific classes taught in the online or hybrid formats. Please know that the information for each class is different. So if you are registered for more than one online and/or hybrid class, be sure to click the specific link found below for each class.

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Summer 2019

Accounting (ACCT)

010  [70]
090  [70]

Administration of Justice (ADJUS)

Anthropology (ANTHRO)

Architecture and Environmental Design (ARCH)

American Sign Language (ASL)

Business Administration (BUSAD)

210  [70]
210  [71]

Communication Studies (Speech) (COMMST)

Health (HEALTH)

101  [70]
101  [71]
101  [72]
101  [73]

Library Technology (LIB)

Music (MUS)

Political Science (POLIT)

100  [70]
100  [71]
100  [72]
100  [73]

Spanish (SPAN)

101  [70]
101  [71]
102  [70]
102  [71]

Water Supply Technology (WST)

Online and hybrid classes will require a computer with a modern operating system (such as Windows 7 or Mac OSX). That computer must have access to the internet and must have a modern web browser (such as Firefox, Safari, or Chrome). Students can also use the open labs on campus to access their online classes. Specific classes may have other, additional technical requirements.