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Online College: Universal Access Point (UAP)

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Please print this page for your reference. It contains information on your class, your instructor, the course management system you will be using for the online class as well as information on how to access the class, and contact information if you need assistance.

Note: There may be multiple sections of this class taught online. Please be sure that you have the information for the class that you registered for. The section number, the reference number, and the name of the faculty members should be checked against the information in the printed schedule and on your registration material.

Term :
Fall 2024
Course Name :
English 101-10 (4320)
Course Title :
College Composition
Class Notes :
  • The DE-LEC part of this class requires 4.23 hours per week of online instruction.
  • This section is linked with ENGL 686 section 10 as a part of a learning community. This means that students enrolling in ENGL 101 section 10 MUST ALSO ENROLL IN ENGL 686 section 10. Per SBVC Assessment process under AB 705, these linked classes are designed to provide students with a high school GPA of 1.9 - 2.5 extra support with college-level reading and writing. Note: This is a fully online class. Students will be required to complete online instructional content via Canvas. This class could offer some live online meetings, but students will have options on accessing that content. Students should log on to Canvas the first day of class to access classes. Canvas Log In Page
Instructor :
J. Notarangelo
E-Mail Address :
Phone Number :
Instructor Comments :
Hello All:

Welcome to the online world! I look forward to having you in my class. Here are the things I want you to keep in mind so you can be successful:

TECHNOLOGY: In addition to a computer, I require the following:

a) Sufficient internet access. Your inability to access the Internet will not excuse late assignments. (I do not accept nor give credit for late assignments for any reason. Feel free to see the Canvas FAQ and the syllabus for my policies.)

b) The capability to send and receive emails from your campus address. I only communicate to your student assigned email, and I prioritize all emails received from SBVC student accounts first. (Call 909/384-HELP if you need help with email issues.)

c) You understand Canvas or are ready to assume responsibility for learning how to use it as the class progresses.

d) You understand that I may include the purchase of software programs as part of the required materials. Also please know that I usually bundle these programs in ways that REDUCE the overall cost of the course materials. At the moment, however, I am using resources that are free, including textbook and novel.

By midnight of the first Tuesday after class begins, I drop any student who has not logged on to the Canvas shell and email students in the strict order of the waitlist with add codes. If they don't respond in a day, I offer the codes to the next student or set of students on the waitlist. Feel free to email me at that time if you wish to check your progress or as a reminder you remain interested in enrolling. however.

NOTE ON WORKLOAD FOR SUMMER CLASSES (If you are registered for a Fall or Spring Semester class, skip this): Before you enroll in any summer English class at Valley College, please remember that the instructor is required to compress a full 18-week schedule into 6 or 7 weeks. Since the scheduled ratio of class time to homework time is two hours of homework for every hour of class, that means you will be expected to be able to complete 12 hours of "in-class" time plus 24 hours of homework per week. That means the instructor may assign 36 hours per week of work. Think about this before you enroll.

I look forward to "seeing you" in class!

Primary Course Management System

Canvas by Instructure

Note: Make sure to bookmark the login page of your course management system. This will allow you to access your online course faster.