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Universal Access Point

Online College: Universal Access Point (UAP)

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Please print this page for your reference. It contains information on your class, your instructor, the course management system you will be using for the online class as well as information on how to access the class, and contact information if you need assistance.

Note: There may be multiple sections of this class taught online. Please be sure that you have the information for the class that you registered for. The section number, the reference number, and the name of the faculty members should be checked against the information in the printed schedule and on your registration material.

Term :
Spring 2021
Course Name :
English 087-75 (4034)
Course Title :
Fundamentals for College Composition
Class Notes :
  • The DE-LEC part of this class requires 12:20P 02:10P of online instruction.
  • This section is linked with ENGL 101 section 75 as a part of a learning community. This means that students enrolling in ENGL 087 section 75 MUST ALSO ENROLL IN ENGL 101 section 75. Per SBVC Assessment process under AB 705, these linked classes are designed to provide students with a high school GPA of 1.9 - 2.5 extra support with college-level reading and writing. Note: Students registered in this course will be required to log in and be present for the days and times listed. This is a synchronous course. You will be live online with the instructor for all class meetings. Note: Students will be required to complete online instructional content via Canvas. Students should logon to Canvas the first day of class to access classes. Canvas Log In Page
Instructor :
E-Mail Address :
Phone Number :
Instructor Comments :
All our work in this online course will be done through Canvas. SBVC no longer works with Blackboard.

NOTE: Some of the links in this email may not open if you click on them because parts of the address have been cut off due to formatting. To fix this, copy and paste the entire address and open it in a new tab.

Here is the link to Canvas:

If you have any difficulties accessing Canvas or your email, call Help Desk at
They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Course materials will become available on the first day of instruction.

You must also be familiar with saving your work in Word Document (.doc or
.docx) or PDF (.pdf) format. These are the only acceptable formats for
submitting your assignments.
Here are some tutorial videos:

SBVC Students get Microsoft Office for free. Here is the link:

If you can't download it, call the Help Desk.

ACCESS: Your enrollment in an online class requires the following:
1) Access to a functioning and reliable computer
2) Access to reliable Internet connection every day
3) Knowledge of basics computer, word processing, and Canvas functions

EMAILS: Part of your responsibility as a college student is to check your email
often for information and announcements, not only from me, but from the
administration as well.

To protect your privacy, all E-Mail communications must be conducted using the
SBVC school email account.
I will only accept emails from, and only send emails to your school email

NOTE 2: Students who do not login and complete the syllabus quiz on the first day
of instruction will be considered "No Shows." No show students will be dropped
from the class and their spots will be offered to wait-listed students.

Primary Course Management System

Blackboard Logo

Note: Make sure to bookmark the login page of your course management system. This will allow you to access your online course faster.