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Please print this page for your reference. It contains information on your class, your instructor, the course management system you will be using for the online class as well as information on how to access the class, and contact information if you need assistance.

Note: There may be multiple sections of this class taught online. Please be sure that you have the information for the class that you registered for. The section number, the reference number, and the name of the faculty members should be checked against the information in the printed schedule and on your registration material.

Term :
Spring 2021
Course Name :
Accounting 201-74 (3030)
Course Title :
Managerial Accounting
Class Notes :
  • The DE-LEC part of this class requires 9 hours per week of online instruction.
  • 8 week class from 03/29/21 to 05/17/21.
  • This is a fully online class. Students will be required to complete online instructional content via Canvas. This class could offer some live online meetings, but students will have options on accessing that content. Students should log on to Canvas the first day of class to access classes. Canvas Log In Page
Instructor :
E-Mail Address :
Phone Number :
Instructor Comments :
Hi everyone! Welcome to Accounting online!
Here are some tips to help you be successful in online courses.

From the Valley College website:
A student's success in online classes involves staying connected to the instructor and classmates

Students considering online or hybrid courses need self-discipline to succeed in these classes.

Factors such as motivation, planning, and determination play a key role in managing your computer courses off-campus.

San Bernardino Valley College offers these tips for success:

*Do not think that online classes are easier than on campus classes. They are not easier. They have the same rigor and the same commitment to quality education as any class at SBVC. You will need self discipline to succeed.
*Read any information about your class carefully and closely. Most information you need to succeed is there for you. Students need to read that information slowly, carefully, and closely.
*Log in to your class every day in the first two weeks of the semester. Instructors will have different requirements for logging in. But if you log in every day during the first two weeks, the odds decrease that you will miss something.
Each online class will be different. Just because one instructor sets up the class a certain way doesn't mean that all your classes will have the same structure. Adjust to those differences quickly.
*Be vigilant about assignment due dates. Complete all your assignments on time. Do not procrastinate.
Never fall behind. Do not think that you will be able to "catch up" just because you are enrolled in an online class. It doesn't work that way.
*Think about your class every day. It doesn't have to be for a long period of time. But thinking about the class every day will be a reminder that you are in a class and that you will need to submit to the discipline of the class

Primary Course Management System

Canvas by Instructure

Note: Make sure to bookmark the login page of your course management system. This will allow you to access your online course faster.