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Please print this page for your reference. It contains information on your class, your instructor, the course management system you will be using for the online class as well as information on how to access the class, and contact information if you need assistance.

Note: There may be multiple sections of this class taught online. Please be sure that you have the information for the class that you registered for. The section number, the reference number, and the name of the faculty members should be checked against the information in the printed schedule and on your registration material.

Term :
Spring 2018
Course Name :
Philosophy 105-71 (5702)
Course Title :
Introduction to Ethics
Class Notes :
  • 8 week class from 03/26/18 to 05/14/18.
  • This is a HYBRID class. This means that there are both on-campus and online Internet activities required. To participate in this class, you must attend all scheduled on-campus classes and have access to a computer that has a reliable internet connection. Students should access during the week prior to the semester start date. All information regarding this class, including course-specific technology requirements, will be found on that webpage. The course may not be accessible to students until the first day of the class, Monday, March 26, 2018.
Instructor :
A. Pave
E-Mail Address :
Instructor Comments :
Instructor Name: Dr. Adam D. Pave

This is a HYBRID course - so BOTH online participation AND class attendance is required.

The course will be available on Canvas on the first day of class. You will find the syllabus in Canvas (I'll also bring a copies to the first day of class) and I encourage you to read it carefully.

To avoid being dropped from the course, active participation is required!

Please be sure to get the correct edition of this book:

Philosophy 105-70 (Intro to Ethics) (One Book Total)
Title: The Moral Life: An Introductory Reader in Ethics and Literature
Author: Louis P. Pojman and Lewis Vaughn, editors
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Edition information: Fifth Edition (Please no substitutions on this edition)
ISBN: 9780199950850

Please note that there is a 6th edition, but we are using the 5th edition for this course.

A previous edition of this book will not work for this course, so please get the correct (5th) edition. Use the ISBN number if not ordering from the SBVC Bookstore.

See you in class,

Primary Course Management System

Canvas by Instructure

Note: Make sure to bookmark the login page of your course management system. This will allow you to access your online course faster.