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Term :
Spring 2018
Course Name :
Music 104-72 (5496)
Course Title :
History of Rock and Roll
Class Notes :
  • 12 week class from 02/26/18 to 05/17/18.
  • Participation in this class will consist of online interaction. Students must have access to a computer that has a reliable internet connection. Students should access during the week prior to the semester start date. All information regarding this class, including course-specific technology requirements, will be found on that webpage. The course may not be accessible to students until the first day of the class, Monday, February 26, 2018.
Instructor :
D. Valcarcel
E-Mail Address :
Instructor Comments :
Welcome to History of Rock & Roll online! I look forward to teaching this class for the current session.

History of Rock & Roll is a music appreciation course that will be managed in a
fully online environment. This course demands a rich
multimedia experience, therefore you will have access to streamed video
and audio, including full length documentaries, instructional footage, song breakdowns, and an extensive audio library. 

To successfully complete this online course, I highly recommend that you
schedule ample time each week and get started from day one. The History of Rock & Roll is a challenging and complex subject that is fun, interesting,
and a vital part of modern history. I challenge you to seize this opportunity and take in the full experience!

Your assignments will include online discussion forums, report projects, and reading and listening assignments. You will have access to video tutorials to help you navigate and complete your online work successfully.

The History of Rock & Roll Course Reader is available for purchase on Amazon.

Click here to preview and purchase the course reader. 

Product Overview:

The History of Rock & Roll Course Reader is a comprehensive survey of rock history that covers the main eras and key events in rock and pre-rock history. It features nineteen units beginning with an exploration of traditional African and nineteenth century American music traditions. It continues with Jazz and Blues in the 1920s and 1930s, Rhythm and Blues and Country Music in the 1940s, the birth of Rock and Roll in the 1950s, the expansion of Rock in the 1960s and 1970s, the emergence of Hip Hop and electronic music in the 1980s, and the continuing evolution of various Rock styles from the 1990s to the present. This course reader is intended to serve as an historical resource to supplement Music appreciation courses in Rock & Roll and popular music traditions. It targets non-music majors with a focus on social and historical elements, and features basic music concepts primarily in rhythm, instrument recognition, and song form. As an e-book, the History of Rock & Roll Course Reader can be easily integrated into both online and face-to-face classroom environments. 

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