Want to graduate on time? Save money? Get better grades? Then you’re going to love 15. That’s the number of credits you need to take each semester to graduate on time in 2 years!

15 Adds Up

Almost every 2-year degree requires 60 units. Added up, you’ll need at least 15 units per semester, or 30 per year, to graduate on time. So remember, 15 units is the magic number to graduate on schedule.

15 is Brain Food

Students who take 15 units a semester, or 30 a year, tend to get higher GPAs. So when it comes to getting better grades, taking 15 is sort of a no-brainer.

15 is a Cash Machine

Extra years of college can cost you thousands, both in what you pay and what you lose from not having a job. So, taking 15 credits a semester (or 30 a year) saves you money and lets you make more. Cha-ching!

15 is Your Ticket to Graduation

Taking 15 credits a semester (or 30 a year) dramatically increases your chances of reaching graduation. And hey, isn’t that sort of what this is all about?

15 is Flexible

Students can split up 15 however they want. It just has to add up to 30 for the entire year and be applicable towards your degree or certificate.

Tips for Getting Started

  • Complete all Steps to Enrollment detailed at valleycollege.edu/apply
  • Meet with a counselor to develop your two-year Education Plan, which will help you decide on the classes you need to take to complete your degree requirements
  • If you cannot take 15 or more units in the fall or spring semesters, take 12 units each in fall and spring, and 6 units during the summer to stay on track
  • Stay up-to-date on course offerings and events by checking your WebAdvisor every week
  • Meet with your academic counselor at least once a semester to make sure you’re still on track

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