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Welcome to the world of Career Planning Resources.

The Career resources will assist you with knowing yourself, market demands, identifying and evaluating your career options.

Services focus on exploration of interest, skills and other characteristics related to vocational and pre-professional planning through counseling, assessment, use of resource library, video/cassette, occupational profiles, and computer career research.

Why Plan a Career?

It is interesting that most Americans do not enjoy the work they do. Thisis because they chosen a job rather than plan a career that express who they are. Since most of uswill work 40 hours each week the majority of our lives, the quality of our lives depends greatly on what we do during those precious hours. the most important component of career planning involves self-understanding.

A Career Versus a Job

A career is much more than a job. A job is a series of tasks performed for pay, usually without much preparation or concern for personal growth or enjoyment. A career means that you have've fiven some thought to what to do tomorrow and that those thoughts influence the work you do today.

A reminder:

 What you do well and what you like, aren't always the same

A career encompases all of the job characteristics and more. One needs to prepare for a career by obtaining required training or education. A career accounts for whom a person is, making personality, interests, values, and skills integral parts of a career decision.

Occupations and Career Planning