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Questions from International Students

Fees? Employment? Academic environment? Student life?

  1. Can an F-1 student pay California resident fees after residing in California for one year?
    No.  An international student is not eligible to pay California resident fees.
  2. Are F-1 students eligible for Financial Aid or scholarships?
    Students holding F-1 or other visas are not eligible for U.S. Federal or California State financial aid programs.  However, F-1 students are eligible to compete for scholarships available on campus.
  3. Are F-1 Students permitted to work?
    F-1 students are permitted to work on-campus up to 20 hours per week during the academic term, and 40 hours during summer breaks.  However, F-1 students cannot work off-campus, except practical internships after they complete their academic programs in San Bernardino Valley College. 
  4. Does the college offer an Intensive English/ESL Program?
    The college offers some ESL courses for non-English-speaking students.  However, it does not have an Intensive ESL Program.  Students seeking an Intensive ESL Program in the local area can contact the American Language and Culture Program at California State University, San Bernardino or the International Education Programs at University of California, Riverside for the information about these ESL Programs.
  5. Will an international student receive credits toward his or her degree from the courses completed outside of the United States?
    SBVC will give students credits toward their degrees if the courses are evaluated by a approved foreign evaluation agency.  On the evaluation, individual courses with grades and indication of upper or lower division credit are required.   Credit for course work outside of the United States applies only to SBVC degrees and certificates.  

    Students should be advised that credit for English courses taught at the baccalaureate level outside of the United States may be considered not equivalent to college level English at SBVC.  Mathematics courses that are not clearly defined such as statistics or calculus, etc., may require further documentation.  Courses that are specific to majors may or may not be applied towards general education requirements.  Students should also be advised if they transfer to another college or university, the transcripts will be re-evaluated by the receiving university.  Questions regarding evaluation of foreign transcripts may be directed to Mr. Sophin Im, Admissions and Records Evaluator at (909) 384-8943 or the Counselor, International Students at (909) 384-4404.
  6. What is the average class size?
    The average class size is between 25 to 35 students. 
  7. Tell me about the Valley College faculty.
    San Bernardino Valley College professors focus on teaching and instruction rather than research.  They are accessible, dedicated and able to provide personalized attention to students.  All college full time faculty members hold either master’s or doctoral degrees in their chosen academic fields and disciplines. 
  8. Are there any special academic programs?
    Yes.  Our Honors Program provides an enriched collegiate experience for highly motivated students.  Students in the program expand their intellectual capacity through challenging coursework.  The program provides an academic environment that enhances students’ critical thinking skills through closely working with distinguished faculty. 
  9. Are there extracurricular activities?
    Yes.  There are social, academic, athletic, career clubs and organizations available for students to join, in addition to the Student Government Associated Program.  There are also many multicultural student groups such as the International Student Club. 
  10. How do I maintain my F-1 International Student Visa Status?
    To maintain your F-1 student visa status, you should comply with the F-1 regulations set by the USCIS (the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.)  Here are some basic requirements for maintaining your F-1 status:
  • Register for at least 12 units each fall and spring semester.
  • Make expected progress toward your academic goals (degree or certificate.)
  • Notify International Student Counselor any changes in your address, phone number or email address, within ten days of the change.
  • Not work outside of the campus (SBVC) without the USCIS permission.
  • Keep your passport valid (not expired) for at least six months.
  • Have your I-20 endorsed before traving outside of the U.S.