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Evaluation of Foreign Trancripts

Can I apply my foreign academic credits to SBVC programs?

SBVC does not provide evaluation of transcripts from colleges or universities outside of the United States. There are many foreign transcript evaluation agencies that provide this service for a fee. In order to apply credit earned from colleges or universities outside of the United States, students must provide to SBVC, an official evaluation from an approved evaluation agency. On the evaluation, individual courses with grades and indication of upper or lower division credit are required. Credit for course work outside of the United States applies only to SBVC degrees and certificates.

Students should be advised that credit for English courses taught at the baccalaureate level outside of the United States may be considered not equivalent to college level English at SBVC. Mathematics courses that are not clearly defined such as statistics or calculus, etc., may require further documentation. Courses that are specific to majors may or may not be applied towards general education requirements. Students should also be advised if they transfer to another college or university, the transcripts will be re-evaluated by the receiving university. Questions regarding evaluation of foreign transcripts may be directed to Mr. Sophin Im, Admissions and Records Evaluator at (909) 384-8943 or the Counselor, International Students at (909) 384-4404.