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Educational Plan


The Student Success Act of 2012 signed by Governor Brown requires that all students have an educational plan showing a clear path leading towards their academic and/or career goal.

The Samples of Educational Plan on this page is designed to assist students in creating an individualized first-semester educational plan based on their assessment results.  The plans demonstrate various possible course combinations. 

The sample plans showcase the first semester course arrangements for students majoring in Automotive Technology, Culinary Arts and Child Development.  The plan options include schedules for students who can only take classes in the mornings, or the afternoons, or the evenings.  The sample plans present possible first semester course combinations for students whose English skills are at different levels.

It is important to note that these sample education plans are to be used as a guide.  It is expected that you make an appointment with a counselor to develop a two-year educational plan once you start your coursework at Valley College.  Your educational plan will be put online for you to view whenever you need.  The best months for the appointment are:  February, March, April, September, October and early November.