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New Campus Signage Features Marquee on Mt. Vernon Avenue

Highlighted by a 80" by 208" marquee capable of displaying 68 billion colors, visitors to SBVC now have a clear path to their campus destination.

pic of marquee and auditoriumFirst launched in 2008 with architectural firm LPA, the ADA/Site Signage project has begun showing tangible outcomes in the shape of 42 new signs that will help campus visitors find their destination at SBVC for many years to come.

Although the project is highlighted by the dynamic electronic marquee on Mt. Vernon Avenue and the less-visible walk-up digital display between Student Health Services and the Campus Center, the project actually includes 42 illuminated signs ranging from corner monuments, vehicular directional signs, pedestrian way-finding guides, and multiple bulletin board/campus map kiosks.

“For too many years, staff and faculty have shared the challenge of visitors driving right by the campus on Mt. Vernon Avenue and not even know they passed our campus,” said Craig Petinak, Director of Marketing & Public Relations. “No longer will we have to tell people to turn by the Pizza Hut to access SBVC and then summarily get lost on campus.”
pic of driveway signage outside ADSS
The logical concept behind the signage was built on providing information at various stages of approaching the campus. To begin with, the marquees and corner monument signs (5 in total) alert drivers to the existence of the campus along public streets. Secondly, vehicular directional signs (6 in total) at every driveway inform visitors which buildings are accessible from that entrance. Once a driver selects their way in to the campus, they are guided by parking lot signs (19 in all) advising them where to park. After a visitor parks their car, they can make their way to their final destination via pedestrian way-finding signs (x 3) and the bulletin board/campus directory kiosks that are still being fitted with the latest maps (7).
pic of small marquee by student health services
The new signage portion represents $1.17 million of the ongoing $4.33 million Signage/ADA Project Budget funded for by Measure M funds approved by San Bernardino County voters in 2008.