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Bonus Sections Added For Spring Semester

Thanks to the passage of Proposition 30 in November, additional late-start classes are being added to the spring 2013 semester

breaking news extra sections added for spring 2013 semesterThanks to California voters who voted to pass Proposition 30 in November, San Bernardino Valley College  added 35 new class sections  today to the spring 2013 semester as late-start/short-term offerings.

An extensive communications campaign to promote the offerings in all divisions has notified students via email, web, and social media channels. More details are available at:

Fast facts about the bonus sections for spring 2013:

- New sections will start no earlier than February 19

- A wide variety of sections is available--including online, hybrid, and in-person classes (see full list here

- Registration will be on a first come, first serve basis via WebAdvisor starting on Monday, February 4, 2013, at 7:30 a.m.

- As was the case with spring 2013 registration, same-day pay and the waitlist will be in place