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Psychiatric Technician Program Graduates 15 at Completion Ceremony

Graduates will proceed to take state exams before looking for job placement in correctional facilities, mental health institutions, and more.

group picture of psych tech graduates from august 2013San Bernardino Valley College's Psychiatric Technician program recognized graduates from their August 2013 class on Thursday, August 1, 2013, at a Completion Ceremony at SBVC. A total of 15 graduates were honored at the Multiple Activity Center (MAC) inside SBVC's North Hall amongst family, faculty, friends, and relatives.

Graduates of the program will continue preparations to take their Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians Licensure Examination while concurrently hunting for employment at hospitals, prisons and health care organizations. Throughout 2012, 100% of graduates from SBVC Psychiatric Technician Program classes from SBVC that took the exam for the first time proceeded to pass it—the highest completion rate in all of California.

The SBVC Psychiatric Technology (Psych Tech) program is a one-year certificate program that prepares students to monitor, provide care, and participate in the treatment of mentally and developmentally disabled clients. Graduates from psychiatric technician programs who pass the state licensing exam are highly sought-after by mental health facilities, the Department of Corrections, and other state agencies. Annual salaries (not including benefits) for entry-level psychiatric technicians usually start around $60,000 according to SBVC Psychiatric Technician Program Director Dennis Jackson.

The year-long program requires 46 units (not counting prerequisites) and approximately 30 hours of classes (not including study sessions, homework, and travel to/from clinical assignments at local facilities).

Please see the list of SBVC Psychiatric Technician graduates and their hometowns:

Andrew Abello - Rialto
Denise Aguilar - San Bernardino
Ethel Asare - Highland
Hope Brown - Rialto
Phillippe Bolo - Redlands
Gwen Cruickshank - Highland
Genevieve Garcia - Colton
Juliana Hill - Upland
Ann Huynh - Highland
Dawnisha McDonald - Moreno Valley
Alicia Mixon - San Bernardino
Joey Palamore - San Bernardino
Dana Rodriguez - Mentone
Antoinette Sandoval - San Bernardino
Justine Simon - San Bernardino