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Touching The Brain In A Whole New Way

SBVC Professor David Bastedo is incorporating iPads to help students learn about the anatomy of their own brains in innovative new ways.

students using iPadSBVC Professor David Bastedo’s expectation is that introducing Apple iPads into his BIOL 260 Human Anatomy class will stimulate the brain of every student to learn in a whole new way—about itself.

Seeking an innovative way to engage his students, Professor Bastedo downloaded an app to each iPad that allows his students to explore the various regions of their own brain. In addition, he created short narrated videos to play on the iPads as tour guides to the inside of the human skull.

Rick Hrdlicka, Director of Campus Technology Services, secured nearly two dozen of the popular tablet computers and helped Professor Bastedo prepare them for deployment in lab classes with a custom-designed cart that doubles as a mobile charging station.

“We can see everything more clearly because it is more interactive than the models and the textbooks,” said Ogochukwu Ugochucku, a first-year nursing student. “We’re actually doing it instead of just watching somebody else explore the different parts of the brain.”

“It’s like we’re having fun while learning,” said Melissa Carlin, a student in her third year at SBVC.
Students in Bastedo’s Anatomy class admitted that they could also see the value of integrating the iPad into just about any lab experience and Chemistry or Nutrition classes.

“Being able to use an iPad in the classroom is just one step closer to the future,” said Mario Flores, a second-year student studying to become a pediatrician.

Professor Bastedo was recently named the Innovator of the Year by fellow SBVC staff and colleagues for incorporating new technology into the learning environment. He intends to give professional development workshops to show fellow faculty members how to incorporate the devices and software into their own classrooms.

“What I like about it is that it contributes to multi-learning, which is providing options for people who like to learn with different learning styles,” said Allegra Fillmore, a dental hygienist in training. “I have friends at four-year schools that are already using this technology, so it is good to have it here at Valley since I will be using it there next year.”