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Class Schedule
as of 07/27/2014 06:36:29 AM Pacific Daylight Time

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San Bernardino Valley College
Spring 2014
Computer Science

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Course Information

Course Name : CS-215

Course Title : Programming with Java

Course Description : An introduction to the network-friendly language, Java. Topics include object-oriented design, multiple platform environment, program logic structures, graphical user interface, Visual J++, Java Applet and recursion.

Additional Course Information

Credit Type : Earned units for this course are applicable to an Associate Degree.

Transferability : Course credit transfers to both CSU and UC.

Prerequisite : CS 110.

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Sections Offered
Ref# Sec Days Start End Type Units Building Room Instructor
3726 70 -M----- 09:30A 10:50A LEC 4.00 B 220 Racataian,C
    -M----- 11:00A 12:20P LAB   B 220 Racataian,C
    Arrange 2.8 hrs/wk DE   Racataian,C
    Arrange 2.8 hrs/wk DE   Racataian,C
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Note : This is a hybrid class. This means there are both on-campus and online Internet activities required. To participate in this class you must attend all scheduled on-campus classes and have access to an Internet connected computer with appropriate software installed. Refer to the supported hardware list and required software list at before you enroll in this course.