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2014-2015 ASG Directors


Thomas Robles


 As a recognizable, active student of San Bernardino Valley College and an active member of the community, I dedicate my time creating smiles in the hearts of all those around me. Working for the City Of Colton as a Lifeguard and Sr. Recreation Leader, I have developed a unique set of skills that allows me to maintain a professional work ethic as well as having fun doing it. As a Liberal Arts Major, my hopes one day is to become a teacher and educate students in the community where I grew up in. I look forward to working hard and improve life for the students of SBVC.



Gabriel Jaramillo

Vice President

My name is Gabriel Jaramillo.  I want to thank the students and the ASG Board of Directors for trusting in me to represent you this year as your Associated Student Government (ASG) Vice President.   I have a vision which I would like to accomplish.  That vision is to change the way ASG communicates with the student body and inform all the students of upcoming events, trips and programs and how ASG advocates more for the students body.  Becoming Vice President, I come with much experience from previous years as a recruiter for the California Conservation Corps (CCC) with much leadership training and organization.    As your Vice President, I plan to work my hardest to get all the beneficial information out to the students and the community of Valley College and work closely with the Administration of Valley College to accomplish many goals which will reflect upon the student body.  Throughout my time here at Valley, I have had the opportunity to join some great student success driven programs.  Currently I am a member of the STAR and EOP&S Programs.  I previously was a member of Los Redactores Club (LR).  I was elected by the student body to become Public Relations Director with ASG.  My plan for Valley College is to utilize all the services offered to me in order to graduate with my AA Degree in Business and move on to Cal State University of San Bernardino where I plan to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in Business.  There is much to grow on here at Valley and being your Vice President in ASG makes it one step further to achieving my goal.  Keep the momentum and stay involved with your Student Government.      


Sehnaz Makati

Administrative Support Services Director  






Vanessa Osorio

Finance Director    

    I have a strong passion for learning and enjoy daily reading.  I have read close to 20 books in the past two years. I am a seeker of knowledge and wonderful music. My future goal is to transfer to University of Santa Barbara to major in Communications and minor in Biology.  I stand for equality and concern for others. I am thankful to be part of ASG as the finance director. My purpose is to keep track of our budget and work hard for San Bernardino Valley College. One of my accomplishments is establishing excellent credit. For instance, I have several credit cards and I have been able to build my credit in the past year. I have great leadership skills. For example, I’m a good listener and I focus on the main objective. My priorities is to make good decisions regarding finance for the benefit of San Bernardino Valley student body and maintain budget needs. I am looking forward to this a great year and having fun in the process.   



Kimberly Miller

Public Relations Director   





Mahammad Assama Khan

Student Support Services 

What do two oranges and three apples equal? Hi my name is Muhammad Assama Khan I am the newly appointed Student Services Director for the Associated Student Government (ASG). First off I will introduce myself. I am a twenty-three year old Pakistani who arrived to the United States when I was 1 year old and since then I have lived in California. I have lived most of my life in Northern California, and it was within the last five years or so that I moved to Southern California. Next, my hobbies include art but predominately playing video games. As far as my educational goals I am attending San Bernardino Valley College (SBVC) so that I can transfer to a four year university preferably California State University of San Bernardino (CSUSB). At CSUSB I plan on earning my Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice after which I will further my education by attending law school to earn my Jurist Doctorates and become a Lawyer. I am also fluent in Punjabi, Urdu, and English which that means I can help you three times as much, so come by my office in need of assistance or just to converse. Lastly, as a member of ASG I will do my best to serve the students of SBVC in ways possible for me, and I do thank you for taking the time to read my bio.     


Linda Subero

Student Organizations Director    

     I want to start off by saying I am here for the students. I am a graduate in the class of 2009.  I have been very involved with Clubs and the Associated Student Government for the past few years.  I am a member of the Human Services Club.  I was the Treasurer for the Black Student Union.  I became Vice President for the Sisters of Success and a past member of M.E.Ch.A.  My involvement with the Student Government started in 2010-2011 school year when I was elected to represent the students as the Instructional Support Services Director.  In 2013-2014 I was re-elected in the same position.  Currently, 2014-2015, I was elected as Student Organizations Director. I value my time and I considered myself to be a valuable asset to my constituents and student government.  All while I am in ASG I vision to perform duties that would benefit the entire student body of Valley College. I want to ensure student’s funds are properly allocated and I feel that with my return, I can continue to ensure that funding is benefiting the students and the school as much as possible. "By the students, for the students"  


Albert Lopez

Student Center Affairs Director       

    Hello my name is Albert Lopez; I am a full time student working on getting my associates in human services. I am a person that loves working with others, and also am very involved with outside community events as a volunteer; along with being part of school projects with the Human Services Association Club, last year I was the active Vice President and this year I am also the new elected Senate officer for 2014-2015.  I am an advocate on behalf of the HIV/AIDS community for the last 20 years. In addition, I have in the medical field as a C.N.A /Home Health Aide Care (Hospice Care) in the last year. I have become involved with the HIV/AIDS Planning Council as a member and will be involved thru out my term. I look forward in working with other A.S.G members as well with all the whole student body.