2015-2016 Associated Student Government - Current Officers


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Gabriel Jaramillo

Vice President

My name is Gabriel Jaramillo.  I want to thank the students trusting in me to represent you this year as your Associated Student Government (A.S.G.) Vice President for the Academic Year 2015-2016.   I have a vision which I would like to accomplish.  That vision is to change the way A.S.G. communicates with the student body and inform all the students of upcoming events, trips and programs and how ASG advocates more for the students body.  Becoming Vice President, I come with much experience from previous years as a recruiter for the California Conservation Corps (C.C.C.) with much leadership training and organization.    As your Vice President, I plan to work my hardest to get all the beneficial information out to the students and the community of Valley College and work closely with the Administration of Valley College to accomplish many goals which will reflect upon the student body.  Throughout my time here at Valley, I have had the opportunity to join some great student success driven programs.  Currently I am a member of the S.T.A.R. and E.O.P.&S. Programs.  I previously was a member of Los Redactores Club (L.R.).  I was elected by the student body to become Public Relations Director with A.S.G and two months later October 2014 I was appointed to become Vice President.  Being Elected again May 2015 in ASG as Vice President, I plan to stay on the same course to improve the student body and student government relationship.  My plan for Valley College is to utilize all the services offered to me in order to graduate with my AA Degree in Business and move on to Cal State University of San Bernardino where I plan to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in Business.  There is much to grow on here at Valley and being your Vice President in A.S.G. makes it one step further to achieving my goal.  Keep the momentum and stay involved with your Student Government.      


Vincent Crosby 

Executive Assistant 

 Hello my name is Vincent Crosby, I am your Newly elected Executive assistant for the 2015-2016 school year. through out the years I have always strived  for excellence in my education  and for others. I love to help others succeed and accomplish there hopes and dreams to the best of my abilities. I love to meet new people and form new relationships. so if you want to know more  and learn more, I am always here for the students as well as a listening ear for any that need it.





Demitri Carranza

Public Relations Senator    

  Greetings to students! Working as your PR, I am more than happy to help any student in need of guidance on campus. I look forward to serving the student body as their A.S.G. representative, and promoting the face of San Bernardino. I am always active on campus, I love getting involved within our community. I ask students only be as active as possible on campus because we're students for now, but learners for life. Concurrently I am the secretary for M.E.Ch.A. at Valley, a club member of American Sign Language and Computer Science Club. Every other month I volunteer my time to different organizations as  I believe in helping others will make our world a better place.





Rocio Aguayo

Student Organizations Senator

As an A.S.G. representative, I am a partner in promoting campus diversity, inclusion, and pride to make San Bernardino Valley College even greater. As chair of the Inter Club Council, my responsibilities include: coordinating club rush, advocating for club's best interest, and providing support to all clubs and organizations. My goals this year are to reform the club and organization registration process, provide more resources to clubs and organizations with a resource guide, and workshops, and host an ICC awards ceremony. A big portion of my personal life is consists of civic engagement. I was influenced immensely by my older brother Ivan, so when I was fifteen I became a youth leader with Inland Congregations United for Change, and I am currently a board member. I am also a Multimedia Peer Educator with the California Family Health Council, and also, now board member. I enjoyed being a peer educator with Planned Parenthood, and being a high school tutor\mentor with the Youth Action Project. The skills I have developed with these organizations have lead me to make a positive impact on our campus. I also read fiction, love to run, and fancy a friendly game of Pokemon. My favorite hobby is taking pictures, watching live music, and relaxing to a classic episode of Parks and Recreation. I am always a phone call away, feel free to contact me for any related concerns.          







Lauren Sanders

Campus Center Affairs 

 Raised in CA most of my life. I'm the oldest of three children. Graduate from SBVC with 3 Associate degrees in Liberal Arts, Human Services & Child Development with my final AA degree in Business Administration in Spring 2016. I have various certifications from SBVC in Human Services and Child Development. I have my Bachelors Degree from Bellevue University in Human & Social Services Administration/ Currently working on my Masters of Science degree in Industrial Organization Psychology to bring my two loves of Counseling & Business together to be an MFT (Marriage & Family Therapist) or a School Counselor. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my loved ones, writing poetry, planning events, reading, going to the beach, watching movies and more. Currently working on a poetry book to be published soon and a relationships book. I'm actively involved in campus (Black Student Union, Puente, Human Services, Sisters With Success, Tumaini, Alpha Gamma Sigma and Associated Student Government) & community life such as: SoCal Blk Chamber of Commerce-Community Liaison/Marketing & Fundraising, Wealthy Kids-Fundraising/Community Engagement/ Consultant, Applied Principles for Service Inc-Marketing/Tutor/ Community Liaison/ Events, Fuchsia Fellowships Ministry-Fundraising/Events, Imani Foundation (Member/Fundraising), New Hope Missionary Baptist Church (Member), and a host of other organizations. 



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Anakary Stewart

Administrative Affairs Senator






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Mercedez Tolfa

 Student Services Senator







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Gerald Sirotnak

Legislative Affairs Senator