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ASG Supreme Court

ASG Supreme Court

sbvc asg logoThe Purpose of the Student Supreme Court is to ensure that there is adequate , equal, and fair student representation in the judicial process for the Associated Student Government. The judical power of the Student Supreme Court shall extend to all cases related to but not limited to:

  • Questions  of the constitutionality of actions by Associated Students groups, organizations, and/or their representatives.
  • Violations of the AS Contitution and By-Laws.
  • Conflicts between student groups.
  • Violations of the AS ethics code.
  • Appeals from the AS Elections Committee.
  • Advisory opinions, which may be requested by any member of the AS.
  • Issuing any writ necessary and proper to the complete exercise of the Student Supreme Court jurisdiction.



Chief Justice:
    Chair and facilitate all business of the Student Supreme court.

Court Clerk Justice: 
    Coordinate, manage, and maintain all records, communications, and materials generated by the Student Supreme Court.

Associate Justices: 
    To address all issues brought forth to the Student Supreme Court.

Appointments and Terms

  • Justices of the Student Supreme Court shall be appointed by the President of the ASG and subject to the confirmation of the Board of Directors.
  • All Justices shall serve a term of one year and in accordance with Article XIII of the ASG Contitution.



 Justice:    Ramon Flores-Castellanos






Court Clerk Justice:






Associate Justices: