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3 New Things For Spring 2013

Start preparing now for major changes affecting students planning to register for Spring 2013 when Priority A registration begins on Monday, November 26th.

new for spring 2013 graphic

Same-Day Pay

fake dollar bill reminding students of same-day paymentsAll students at SBVC will now be required to pay for classes on the same day they register instead of a three-day window for payment. Start making plans now to ensure you don’t get dropped for non-payment if you do not pay before midnight on the day you register (remember, a BOG waiver does NOT cover all student fees!). Read more...

waitlist ticket for spring 2013Waitlist Goes Campus-Wide 

After a successful pilot program with English courses this semester, the new waitlist feature will be in place for nearly all class sections (Nursing, Pharmacy/Psychiatric Technology and a short list of others will be excluded). Read more...

AB 540 Students Now Eligible for BOG 

AB 540 Dream Act CA license plate color

AB 540 students may now apply for a Board of Governors (BOG) waiver using a dedicated application available in the Financial Aid Office, on the Financial Aid website, and in the Spring 2013 class schedule. Read more... 

Registration dates, class listings, frequently-asked questions, and more reminders will be posted on the SBVC website and sent to student email accounts over the upcoming weeks before Spring 2013 registration begins on Monday, November 26.