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AB 540 BOG Waiver

Starting with the current priority registration period, AB 540 students can begin to apply for the Board of Governors (BOG) fee waiver as a result of the passage of the California Dream Act, which if eligible will award the AB540BOG to students beginning January 1, 2013.

AB 540 Dream Act CA license plate color
The California Student Aid Commission has released a BOG application specifically for AB 540 students as part of the passage of the California Dream Act. It is important for SBVC students to understand who should fill out the application and when. 

If you are an AB 540 student currently attending SBVC and planning to transfer in the Fall 2012 or Spring 2013, you may need to complete the Dream Act online application now for your transfer institution to be eligible for aid in the 2012-2013 year. For more details, check with the college or university to which you are transferring.

(Read the most frequently-asked questions regarding the California Dream Act

For AB 540 students currently attending SBVC or who plan to attend starting in Spring 2013, please note that you need to complete the AB 540 BOG application. The AB 540 BOG is separate and shorter than the online Dream Act application and is a different color than the regular BOG fee waiver application.  Applications will be available on the Online Forms page of the Financial Aid website, in the SBVC Financial Aid office (ADSS 106), and printed in the Spring 2013 Class Schedule in time for Priority Registration in November.  For students trying to register for the Spring 2013 semester, you may need to pay for your classes and obtain a refund if you do not complete your AB 540 BOG fee waiver prior to registration.  Please check back at this website periodically for updates on the AB 540 BOG Waiver and Dream Act application process. 

Beyond the AB 540 BOG Waiver, SBVC AB 540 students may also complete the online 2013-2014 Dream Act application starting in January 2013 to receive Cal Grants and Chafee Grants beginning with the Fall 2013 semester at CSU, UC, California Community Colleges, and private four year colleges/universities.

The Dream Act application process can be confusing for students, so please make sure you understand the three important updates below: 
  • Our SBVC AB 540 students will use the new AB 540 BOG Application (available during Priority Registration) to apply for a Spring 2013 BOG fee waiver
  • Our SBVC AB 540 students will use the 2013-2014 Dream Act Application to apply for 2013-2014 Cal Grants starting in January 2013
  • The current 2012-2013 Dream Act Application will not be used to award financial aid at SBVC for the 2012-2013 school year and is only for students transferring to four year institutions during the current academic year. 

More information on the California Dream Act can be accessed at