Same-Day Pay for Registration

Make plans today to have your payment ready on the same day you register...

fake dollar bill reminding students of same-day payments Already in-progress one year now, Same-Day-Pay came to SBVC.  All students will be required to pay for their classes on the same day they register.

Students will need to plan ahead in anticipation of registering for an upcoming semester as the previous policy allowing for three days to pay has been discontinued.

Read the frequently-asked questions about same-day payments

Reasons for the change include:

• Extending availability for a student to register in rapidly-filling classes during their priority registration period instead of having sections being displayed as closed while a student was holding the class during the previous three-day window for payment

• Providing consistent processes and documentation across the SBCCD (this policy will mirror the Crafton Hills College policy for same-day pay) will minimize confusion for students enrolled at both SBVC and CHC

• Moving to same day payment alleviates staff workloads, resolves audit findings related to accounting, and does not negatively impact enrollment

Many more details including a “Frequently Asked Questions” document and answers to specific scenarios (“What if I register on a Sunday?”) will be added to this web page over the coming weeks. In addition, other website ads and campus promotions will be communicating this change (and others).

Please spread the word so that all students registering for any semester are prepared in advance of their registration period.

(First published 10/5/12, FAQ's updated 03/10/14)