Enrollment Fees

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TUITION & FEES - Effective 2016-2017 Year

Required Fees


Enrollment Fee

$46 per unit

Enrollment Fee -Non-California Resident (Non-residents must pay all fees required of residents plus non-resident tuition).

$257 per unit

All Non-California Resident Applicants- Capital Outlay (As of Fall 2016)    

$32 per unit

Campus Center Fee (Trust Fund maintained for purposes of operating the student center, all uses subject to approval by Student ASG, §EC76375) $1 per unit ($10 max annually)
Health & Accident Fee (Summer $16) $19
Transportation Fee          ------------------ $7.00 (Less than 6 units)

** Summer Session students are not eligible for Go Smart (Transportation Fee) during the summer unless they were enrolled in the prior spring semester.

$7.50 (6 units or more)
Student Representation Fee  Students advocate for students, read about Student ASG. $1.00 
 ****Effective Fall 2016 Students with a GPA of below 2.0 will lose priority Registration and BOG fee Waiver (Foster Youth excluded)****

Optional Fees

Associated Student Body  $7.50 ASB Discount Sticker
Parking Permits Daily    $2
Fall/Spring $30


Annual $75 

Swap Meet Parking - Don't Get Locked In!


Example of Calculated Fees 

Enrollment Fee /4units X $46 = $184
Student Center Fee / 4units X $1 =  $4 
Health Accident Fee - Summer $19 
Student Representation Fee  $1 
Transportation Fee - Under 6 units $7

Balance Due


Try the Net Price Calculator for an estimate.



  • Processed automatically
  • Paid by check
  • Mailed to your address on file
  • mailed approximately 8-10 weeks after the start of the semester
  • Subject to a $10.00 processing fee
  • Refund includes $46 per unit if class is dropped after the start of the course. 

Refunds of $15.00 or less are not processed!

  • You drop your class before the beginning of the term (Full-term class=18weeks)
  • You drop your class before the start of a class (Short-term classes = Less than 18weeks)

Pertains to the $46 per unit fee

You drop your class within the first two weeks of the term (full-term classes=18weeks) 
You drop your class within the first 10% of the class (short-term classes = Less than 18weeks)

Students who are not eligible for a refund but who can document extenuating circumstances (accident, illness, death, etc.) may Petition for a Refund in the Admissions & Records Office (AD/SS-100) with qualifying documentation.  A seperate ASB Petition for Refund is required to ask for Associated Student Body fees paid.

Section 58508 of Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations states that a community college district shall not refund any enrollment fee or differential enrollment fee paid by a student for program changes made after the first two weeks of instruction for a primary term-length course, or after the 10 percent point of the length of the course for a short-term course, unless the program change is a result of action by the district to cancel or reschedule a class or to drop a student pursuant to Section 58106 (g) where the student fails to meet a prerequisite.