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How To Become A Student

See Important changes in Spring Registration Payments below...

Step 1-Apply:

All NEW students and those who have missed a Spring or Fall semester at SBVC must complete the Application for Admission. Wait one business day for an email containing information on:

  • Student Identification Number 
  • How to Log in to WebAdvisor (For Orientation and Assessment Testing, etc.) 

High School / Concurrent students apply online each semester.  See deadline for 18 wk. courses

International Students, please see requirements for admission.

If you attended last semester you’re a continuing student; NO additional application required.

Step 2-Orientation & Assessment Appointments Online:

New students are required to complete Orientation and Assessment Test. The placement test identifies present levels of skill in English, Math, Reading and English as a Second Language (ESL) learners. You will not be denied admission based on assessment results. If you have completed assessment at another college, within the last 2 years, you may be eligible for a waiver, see Counseling.

  • Complete Orientation in WebAdvisor -print out Orientation Certificate and bring to your test.
  • Set Assessment Appointment ONLINE.
  • Get the Wolverine Card!  As of Fall 2014 financial aid awards will be disbursed to the Wolverine card.  We offer a variety of programs that may assist students in reaching their goals. Financial Aid can be applied for online in advance of registration. Not all fees are covered by the BOGG Fee Waiver.

Step 3-Plan Classes:

Take time to consult with a Counselor to discuss pre-requisites, programs offered and Special Services.  Refer to the Schedule of Classes for Spring 2015 to create a schedule. Consider the following when choosing classes:

Step 4 - The Priority Registration Date:

All students are placed in a Registration Priority Category for Spring 2015.  Login early to your WebAdvisor account to verify your category.

Step 5 - Register for Class:

See Step by Step Instructions to add a class online.  After adding a class online, WebAdvisor takes you to the Make A Payment screen within the Student Menu of options.  You always have access to the Make a Payment screen to verify you have a zero balance after any adding or dropping of classes.

Step 6 - Calculate and Pay Fees:  


Each course listed will have a “unit” value (1.0, 2.0, 3.0 units). Your fees are calculated by unit value. Calculations are confirmed online in your WebAdvisor account. Read about Enrollment Fees and how to calculate all required fees.

NOT all registration fees are covered by the BOGG Fee Waiver.  The BOGG covers the $46 per unit charge only!