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Assessment Testing

Ace that test! Brush Up On Your Math Skills before the test...

The STEM Team along with Math Faculty ...

Will be hosting an on-campus pre-assessment workshop for students who wish to prepare for their Math assessment test.

When: To Be Announced 
Where: HLS 231
How: students must register at

Can't make it on campus?

Students will have access to practice tests, a link to video explanations and the Accuplacer website, and study guides for each Math section of the test.  Please visit for online workshops!

Online Assessment Appointments

New services!  Assessment Appointments Online, or in your Student WebAdvisor Account. For the Ability-to-Benefit (ATB) contact the Financial Aid office for recent changes in policy.  Testing may take up to 3 hours.  Take a peek of the current Assessment Calendar.


Orientation can give you direction in your new SBVC college environment.  Learn about:

  • Your Rights & Responsibilities
  • Developing an Educational Plan with a Counselor
  • Special Programs & Services
  • Student Life on campus
  • Academic Policies and Procedures

To complete, log into your WebAdvisor account and remember to print out the confirmation page showing completion.

Are you Exempt?

You may be exempt if:

• You hold an Associate’s degree or higher.
• You Scored 3 or higher on Advance Placement Tests.
• You show a test printout from another college (Max 2yrs old).
• You are attending to maintain a certificate or licensure for employment.
• You have completed a pre-requisite course.
• You will attend for Personal enrichment