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Transcript Evaluations

Have you taken classes at another college that you want to use toward your degree here at SBVC?

For evaluation request you must:

You will receive an evaluation via email in 5-7 business days. During registration periods processing time becomes 10-12 business days.

New Policy affecting New Registered Nursing Applicants!

The RN Program will no longer accept official transcripts directly from students (Outside Colleges).  All official transcripts must be submitted to the Admissions & Records Office (AD/SS-100) for evaluation.  Your Nursing Program Application must contain the Evaluation of Prior College Credits Earned.  Applicants applying during the following periods may request for their transcripts to be evaluated during the corresponding RN Application Period below.

For Evaluation request you must submit the following to AD/SS-100:

  • Submit Official College Transcripts.
  • Submit Evaluation of Prior College Credits Earned.

The following date ranges apply to RN Applicants ONLY.

Request Evaluation Period

Apply to RN Program Period

October 01, 2014 - December 15, 2014    

January 02, 2015 - February 02, 2015
May 01, 2015 - July 15, 2015 August 01, 2015 - September 01, 2015