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Top 4 reasons why you have a Registration Hold.

1) Recent H.S. grad under 18yrs; Bring Official H.S. transcript and the Confidential Youth Emergency Card.
2) Complete the Orientation/Set appointment for Assessment Test in WebAdvisor
3) Library Book and/or Lab fees due
4) Non-Resident Hold

What if WebAdvisor doesn’t specifically tell me what my HOLDS are about?

-Contact A & R Office.

How long does it take for Official Transcripts to be processed?

-Normal Processing time is 3 to 5 Business Days.
-Next Day Service requires additional fees. 

How can I obtain an Enrollment/Degree Verification?

Enrollment & Degree Verifications - online ($3 charge)!

How can I view my Unofficial Transcript?

Provide Student ID# to view records from 1981 to Present

I'm a current student and my Address is Incorrect on your Records. How can I correct this?

In WebAdvisor sign up for text message alerts, change your address, pay fees, view transcripts.
For Name Changes show current picture identification to Admissions & Records, AD/SS-100.

My Priority Registration Date Is Incorrect!

Confirm your priority status in WebAdvisor or by using the Spring 2014 Priority Schedule! 
If the date is wrong, see Admissions & Records. 

How Much Does it Cost to Register (a.k.a. Enrollment Fees)?

-Cali Residents are $46 per unit.
-Non-Resident/Citizens of U.S. are $208 per unit.
-Non-Resident/Foreign Citizens are $249 per unit (Capital Outlay included $41).

Why was I dropped from my classes?!

As of Spring 2013 SBVC requires payment of registration fees the same day you register for classes.

Where can I get Admissions & Records Forms?

Frequently Used Forms