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Admissions Contact List

Admissions & Records Staff

Admissions & Records Staff

For general information not contained in the Admissions/Records/Veterans link to the right email us at 

April Dale-Carter, Director A & R              

Veada Benjamin, A & R Specialist                      

Phone#  909-384-8922   Phone:  909-384-8961
Email:   Email:
Andrea Booker-Guantes, A & R Technician            Melissa Carmell, A & R Technician
Phone:  909-384-8994   Phone:  909-384-8957
Email:   Email:
Cecilia Galindo, A & R Technician   Margaret Gonzales, Secretary I
Phone:  909-384-8942   Phone:  384-8966
Email:   Email:
Sophin Im, A & R Evaluator   Kathryn Marmolejo, Sub for A & R Specialist
Phone:  909-384-8943   Phone:  909-384-8973
Email:   Email:
Linda Molina, A & R Evaluator    Sylvia Romo, A & R Technician
Phone:  909-384-8945   Phone:  909-384-8944
Email:   Email:
Steven Silva, A & R Evaluator   Julie A. Ulloa, A & R Evaluator
Phone:  909-384-8953   Phone:  909-384-8946
Email:   Email:
Raquel Villa, A & R Technician  

College Police Dept/Lost & Found

Phone:  909-384-4491

Phone:  909-384-8995   Fax #  909-889-7821
Email:   College Directory