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Standard 3C

III.C. Technology Resources

8.1   Strategic Initiatives
8.2   Technology Strategic Plan 2007-2010
8.3   Technology Committee
8.4   Technology Strategic Plan 2010-2013
8.5   Technology Strategic Plan 2013-2016
8.6   SBVC Planning Model
8.7a   Representative Examples
8.7b   Composition Workshops, Fall 2012
8.8   Student Email
8.9   Five-Year Computer Update Rotation
8.10   CCC Apply
8.11   WebAdvisor
8.12   Minutes from Academic Senate/Core Competency/Technology Committee Re:  Waitlist
8.13a   Link to SARS Reservations
8.13b   Academic Senate Minutes, 5/16/2012
8.14   Copy of Award
8.15   Link to Blackboard
8.16   Link to Interactive Television (pg. 6)
8.17   SBCCD Organization Chart
8.18   SBVC Organization Chart
8.19   Online Program Committee
8.20 SBCCD Technical Assistant Center Help Desk
8.21   Program Review
8.22   Technology Committee Minutes
8.23a   Accreditation and Student Learning Outcomes Committee and Academic Senate Minutes
8.23b   Minutes, 4/25/13
8.24   Minutes
8.25a   Emerging and Emergency Needs Forms
8.25b    Emerging and Emergency Needs Forms
8.26   Campus Technology Services Program Efficacy 
8.27   Link to Technology and Educational Support Services
8.28   District Technology Strategic Plan
8.29   Distributed Education Coordinating Council
8.30   Online Learning Plan
8.31   Representative Samples--Online Learning Committee Evaluations
8.32   Representative Samples--Distributed Education Coordinating Council Evaluations
8.33   Representative Samples--Blackboard Downtime
8.34   Representative Samples--Distance Education Full-Time Equivalent Students
8.35   Representative Samples--Technology Training
8.36   Representative Samples--Professional Development Evaluations
8.37   Learn to Learn Online
8.38a   Workshop Flyers/Orientation Requests
8.38b   Camtasia Relay Workshop
8.39   Disabled Students Programs and Services Tutorials
8.40   Tutoring Flyer
8.41   Strategic Initiatives and Benchmark Report
8.42   Representative Samples Evidence--Collaborative Technology Training
8.43   Campus Climate Surveys
8.44   Links--Professional Development Online Training
8.45   Online Teaching Preparation
8.46   Campus Technology Services
8.47a   PlanNet Study
8.47b   SBCCD IT Assessment Presentation
8.47c   SBCCD Meeting Notes
8.48   Technology Standards
8.49   Minutes--Office 365
8.50   District Program Review
8.51   Strategic Plans
8.52   SBCCD Mission
8.53   AP 2225
8.54   College Council Minutes