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Standard 3B

Standard III: Resources

III.B. Evidence—Physical Resources

7.1    Facilities Master Plan 
7.2   Measure M Prioritization 
7.3   Facilities and Safety Committee
7.4   Facilities and Safety Committee Charge and Membership
7.5    AED Information and Locations--SBVC 
7.6   Evacuation Automated External Defibrillator and Smoking 2013-14
7.7   Organizational Chart Administrative Services
7.8   Maintenance Connection Work Order System
7.9    Maintenance Connection Input Form Screen
7.10   Maintenance Connection Website
7.11   Work Order Requests
7.12   Environmental Health and Safety Website
7.13   Illness and Injury Prevention Program
7.14   Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Program
7.15   Chemical Hygiene Program
7.16   Confined Space Enry Program
7.17   Transportation Safety Program
7.18   Exposure Control Program for Blood Borne Pathogens
7.19   Fire and Life Safety
7.20 Hazard Communications Plan
7.21   Heat Illness Program
7.22   Lockout/Tag Out Program
7.23   Hazardous Waste Management Program
7.24   Respiratory Protection Program
7.25    Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Program
7.26   Safety Training Program
7.27   SBCCD Office of Emergency Preparedness
7.28   Emergency Operations Plan
7.29   Greak shake Out and Evacuation Planning
7.30   District Police Website
7.31   Police Beat
7.32   Statewide Association of Community Colleges Inspection Sample
7.33   LPA Career Technology Education Building Assessment
7.34   HMC P2S Career Technology Education Project Engineering Document
7.35   HMC P2S Career Technology Education Project Planning Document
7.36   Construction Repair
7.37   Student Campus Climate Survey 2011
7.38   Auditorium User Group Meeting
7.39   Career Technology Education User Group Meeting
7.40   Gym User Group Sample
7.41    Board Policies and Administrative Procedures
7.42   Facilities and Safety Committee Meeting Minutes
7.43   Program Review Website 
7.44   Program Review Needs Assessment Prioritization List
7.45   Needs Assessment Funding College Council
7.46    Scheduled Maintenance Plan
7.47   General Design Standards
7.48   Customer Service Calling Cards
7.49   Memoranda of Understanding with Host Sites
7.50   Resource 25 Sample
7.51   SP Utilization
7.52   College Council Minutes 5/8/13
7.53   Request for Funding
7.54   SBVC Fund Balance Report, 4/16/14
7.55   Technology Committee, 2/16/11
7.56    College Council Minutes, 10/9/13
7.57   Total Cost of Ownership Sample Report
7.58   Commissioning Business Building
7.59   Lifecycle Cost Planning
7.60   Gym Landscape Development Presentation
7.61   Sustainability Plan
7.62   Educational Facilities Master Plan Core Committee and Participation
7.63   Educational Facilities Master Plan Goals and Planning Process