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Standard 2C

Standard II: Student Learning Programs and Services

II.C. Evidence—Library Support Services

5.1a    Organization Charts 
5.1b    College Catalogs 
5.2    Bibliographic Instruction Reservation Form 
5.3    Sample Brochures 
5.4    Link to Email the Librarian 
5.5    Link to Chat Reference 
5.6    Link to Databases by Title
5.7   Ethnic Newswatch Overview 
5.8    Basic Skills Report
5.9a   Sample Powerpoint, Culinary Arts Orientation
5.9b   Sample Powepoint, Psych Tech Orientation
5.9c   Sample Powerpoint, Sheela's 102 Piercy
5.9d   Sample Powerpoint, SBVC Library
5.10    Evidence of Embedded Librarians 
5.11    One-Sheet Spring 2014
5.12   Link to SAOs
5.13   Collection Development Plan
5.14   Age of Collection Report
5.15   ALA Best Practices
5.16   Request Form
5.17a   Database Use, Questionpoint
5.17b   Database Use, Statistics by Site
5.17c   Database use, Reports and Statistics
5.18    Sample of Surveys
5.19   Workshop Survey Results
5.20   One-Minute Reference Survey
5.21   Front Door Survey
5.22   Snapshot Day Results
5.23   Link to CC Surveys
5.24   Core Competency Assessment PPT
5.25a    Rose's Yellow Sheet
5.25b   Yellow Sheet 2014
5.26  Bibliographic Instruction Statistics
5.27   Survey in a Flash:  Library Instruction Sessions
5.28a   Tutoring Core Competency Data
5.28b   Core Competency Data
5.28c   Biology Fa 2013 Data
5.29   Link to Tutorials and Guidelines
5.30a   Academic Senate Resolution
5.30b    Board Minutes 9/6/12
5.31   Consortia Agreement
5.32   Basic Skills Funding
5.33   Library Faculty Meeting Minutes
5.34   Library & Library Computer Lab Program Efficacy 
5.35 Link to Program Review Website
5.36    Standards of Practice of CCC Library Faculty and Programs