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Standard 1B

Standard I: Institutional Mission and Effectiveness

I.B.  Evidence—Institutional Effectiveness

2.1    Strategic Plans 
2.2    Campus Technology Strategic Plan
2.3a    Student Success and Support Plan
2.3b    Student Success and Support Program Plan
2.4    Program Review Website
2.5    Educational Master Plan
2.6    Curriculum Handbook
2.7   Outcomes Processes
2.8   AP 2225
2.9   Campus Website
2.10    Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness Website
2.11    California Teachers Association Contract
2.12a    Committee Structure, Academic Senate 9/16/09
2.12b    Committee Structure, Academic Senate Minutes 8/19/09
2.12c   Committee Structure, Academic Senate, 2/3/10
2.12d   Committee Structure, College Council 9/23/09
2.12e   Committee Structure, College Council, 10/28/09
2.12f   Committee Structure, College Council, 12/16/09
2.13   Classified Senate Delineation of Duties
2.14   Committee Evaluation Survey
2.15    College Status Report on Student Learning Outcomes Implementation
2.16a   College Council Minutes, 8/15/12
2.16b    Accreditation Committee Minutes, 10/11/12
2.16c    College Council Minutes, 5/9/12
2.16d   Accreditation Committee Minutes, 4/23/12
2.17   Advisory Committee Minutes
2.18a    Basic Skills Report Report Master 2013
2.18b    Basic Skills Report Sections 2-3, 2013-2014
2.18c    Basic Skills Report Master, Draft, 2012
2.19a   Representative Samples PPTs
2.19b   Core Competencies Powerpoint
2.20a   Campus Dialogue--AB86 Townhall Meeting
2.20b   Coffee Caravan, 11/14/11
2.20c   Academic Senate, May 2015
2.20d   Academic Senate Minutes, 12/5/12
2.20e   Academic Senate Minutes, 5/2/11
2.20f   President's Board Report, 2/17/11
2.21   Draft SBVC Governance Handbook
2.22   Representative Samples First-Year Faculty Training
2.23   Professional Development Webpage
2.24   Representative Samples--Professional Development Committee
2.25   Professional Development Webpage
2.26a    Student Success Summit Spring 2012
2.26b   Student Success Summit Spring 2012
2.27a   Basic Skills/Library Partnership
2.27b   Learning Express
2.28   Representative Samples--Use of Mission Statement
2.29   SBVC Facility Master Plan 
2.30 District Imperatives
2.31   Representative Samples
2.32   Strategic Plan Brochure
2.33a    Academic Senate Minutes, 2/20/13
2.33b    College Council Minutes, 5/14/14 
2.33c    College Council Minutes, 10/9/13
2.33d    College Council Minutes, 5/8/13
2.33.e    College Council Minutes, 11/13/13
2.33f    Classified Senate Minutes, 8/24/12
2.34   Logic Model for 2014-2019 Strategic Plan
2.35a    Powerpoint, Institution Set Standards
2.35b   Powerpoint, Institution Set Standards
2.35c   Minutes, 4/24/14, Institution Set Standards
2.35d   Minutes, 3/6/13, Institution Set Standards
2.35e   Minutes, 2/19/14, Institution Set Standards
2.36a   Minutes: College Council, 2/13/13
2.36b   Academic Senate Minutes, 3/6/13
2.36c   Academic Senate Agenda, 10/30/13
2.36d   Academic Senate Agenda, 2/19/14
2.36e   College Council Minutes, 3/12/14
2.36f   Academic Senate Agenda, 4/16/14
2.36g   Online Program Committee Website
2.37    Academic Senate Constitution
2.38   Academic Senate Bylaws
2.39   Academic Senate Resolution
2.40a   Minutes
2.40b   Agenda 5/14/14
2.41   Strategic Initiatives and Benchmarks
2.42    ACCJC Annual Report
2.43   Academic Senate Minutes, 3/30/10, Prerequisite Data
2.44a   College Council Minutes--SBVC Planning Model 2014 Review
2.44b   Agenda, 5/14/14
2.45    Schedule of Surveys & Presentations
2.46    Enrollment Management Plan
2.47   Learning Compass/ASSETS
2.48   Program Efficacy Documents, ACAD
2.49   Program Recommendations, 2010-2011
2.50   Program Discontinuance Policy
2.51a    College Council Minutes, 4/3/14
2.51b   Academic Senate Minutes, 4/2/14
2.52a   College Council Minutes, 4/11/12
2.52b   Academic Senate Minutes, 4/8/12
2.52c   Program Criteria, Oct. 2012
2.52d   Academic Senate Minutes, 9/19/12
2.53   Program Viability Report, Dec. 2012
2.54   Opening Day, Powerpoint, Fall 2013
2.55   Special Funding Request Form
2.56a   Division Progress Towards Goals, Sp 2014
2.56b    Division Progress Towards Goals, 2012
2.56c   Division Goals Objections Evaluation, 2012
2.56d   Science Goals Objectives, Sp 2014
2.56e   Science Division Narrative, 2014
2.57    Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)
2.58   PASS/GO
2.59   Advance Technology Education Grant/Water Supply Technology
2.60   Middle College High School Grant
2.61   Grants Handbooks
2.62   Chavez Survey
2.63   Student Mental Health Grant
2.64   Representative Samples/Studies
2.65   Minutes--Report on Strategic Plan Progress
2.66   President's Webpage, College Planning Documents
2.67a Board Minutes, 2/11/10, Accountability Reporting
2.67b    Board Minutes, 3/15/12, Accountability Reporting
2.67c   Board Minutes, 8/22/13, Accountability Report
2.67d   Board Minutes, 9/26/13, Scorecard
2.68   SLO/SLO Executive Summaries Link
2.69    College Council Minutes, 3/12/14
2.70a   Minutes, 9/4/13, Learning Outcomes Approvals 
2.70b   Minutes, 2/19/14, Learning Outcomes Approvals
2.70c Minutes, 8/28/13, Learning Outcomes Approvals
2.70d   Minutes, 9/12/13, Learning Outcomes Approvals
2.71    SLO Standardized Forms
2.72   SLO Reporting Dates
2.73a   SLO Software Evaluation
2.73b   SLO Software Forum
2.74   Archive Data Spreadsheets
2.75a   Dr. Marshall Workshop Plan
2.75b   Dr. Marshall Workshop Powerpoint
2.75c    Curriculum Mapping Powerpoint
2.75d   SLO Presentation
2.76   Representative Samples--Research for 2014-2019 Strategic Plan
2.77   Technology Committee Feedback
2.78   Online Research Request
2.79a    Representative Sample--Annual Reports
2.79b   Representative Sample--Annual Reports 
2.79c   Representative Sample--Annual Reports 
2.80   California Strategic Plan for Community Colleges
2.81    Representative Samples--Educational Master Plan One-Sheets
2.82   Representative Samples--SLO Evaluation