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Reading and Study Skills

The Reading and Study Skills Department offers courses in reading improvement and study skills designed to help students succeed in college.

Entering students can use their assessment scores to select the appropriatate reading course.  Courses in the Basic Reading Skills series (Read 920, 950, 015) prepare students for college-level reading with an intensive program of instruction and laboratory practice.  These courses also prepare students to satisfy one of the two options for fulfilling the reading competency requirement for the Associate Degree.  READ 100 and 102 are college-level reading and study skills courses. 

The Reading Lab is a core component of the college's Reading Program.

Excellence in Reading Award  Humanities Day, 2011   Excellence in Reading Award 2

Excellence in Reading Award Winners:  Humanities Day, 2011

   Excellence in Reading Award Winner:  Humanities Day, 2011  Excellence in Reading Award Winner: Humanities Day, 2011