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CTE Transitions (Formerly Tech Prep)

CTE Transitions (Formerly Tech Prep) is a cooperative project between participating school districts, adult education centers, regional occupational programs and the community colleges aimed at fostering students’ access to higher education.

The San Bernardino Community College District (SBCCD) is committed to work in partnership with the local Regional Occupational Programs (ROP), adult education centers and secondary schools to develop CTE Transitions (Formerly Tech Prep) Programs for juniors and seniors that allow students to earn college credit while completing their secondary program. The CTE Transitions Program prepares students for the workforce through articulation.

CTE Transitions Articulation is a planned process that links two or more educational institutions together to facilitate a smooth transition for students from one course, program, or educational level to the next while minimizing or eliminating course repetition. The program links courses and programs from secondary institutions to community colleges. The CTE Transitions Articulation Program is designed to provide students with a means to receive community college course credit for comparable courses successfully completed at a secondary school, adult school, and regional occupational program level, thereby avoiding unnecessary repetition of coursework.

The Next CTE Articulation Meeting will be held on November 5th, 2014, at 2:00 PM at The Business Building in the Conference Center B-100



CTE Transitions Articulation Agreements: 

To obtain more information on the CTE Transitions Articulation Program please contact Albert Maniaol, CTE Transitions Liaison, at (909) 384-8904 or