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Honors Faculty


Honors Program Coordinator

Joel Lamore, M.A., M.F.A., Professor, English

Honors Program Counselor

Willene Nelson, M.S., Associate Professor


Active Honors Faculty* 

Kathy Adams, M.A., Associate Professor, Child Development

Amy Avelar, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Sharon Chapman, Ph.D., Associate Professor, English

Jay Danley, M.A., J.D., Associate Professor, Speech

Jeffrey Demsky, Ph.D., Instructor, History

Jennifer Downey, Instructor, Psychology

Natalia Dunn, M.S., Instructor, Chemistry

Vanessa Engstrom, M.A., Assistant Professor, Geography

Glenn Drewes, M.A., Associate Professor, Biology

James Dulgeroff, Ph.D., Professor, Economics

Edward Gomez, M.A., Associate Professor, History

Jack Jackson, Ph.D., Professor, Chair, Philosophy/Religious Studies

Michelle Lamasa-Schrader, M.A., Instructor, Religious Studies

Sheri Lillard, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Susan Mattson, M.A., Instructor, Communication Studies

Edward Millican, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Political Science

Sandra Moore, Ph.D., Professor, Psychology

Romana Pires, M.A., M.S., Assistant Professor, Chair, Sociology

Michael Slusser, M.A., Associate Professor, English

John Stanskas, Ph.D., Professor, Chair, Chemistry

Michael Torrez, M.S., Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Ian White, M.A., Adjunct Professor, Art

 *Faculty who have taught honors classes sometime in the last 3 semesters.