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Water Supply Technology

Water Supply Technology Certificate

This certificate is designed to prepare students with the necessary knowledge and skills to obtain entry-level employment in the water supply technology field. [Note: the Water Supply Technology Certificate is not equivalent to the State License in Water Supply Distribution, Treatment or Wastewater Treatment]. Work Experience WST 098 is highly recommended if student is not currently employed in the field.

CHEM110 Environmental and Consumer Chemistry 3
CIT031 Business English 3
ENGL015 Preparation for College Writing 4
WST052 Water Technology Math 3
WST052A Water Technology Math I 1
WST052B Water Technology Math II 1
WST052C Water Technology Math III 1
Eligibility for MATH 090 as determined by SBVC assessment process
WST074 Water/Wastewater Analysis 2
24 units from the following Water Supply Technology Courses: Units
WST061 Water Distribution I 3
WST062 Water Distribution II 3
WST063 Water Distribution III 3
WST071 Water Treatment I 3
WST072 Water Treatment II 3
WST073 Water Treatment III 3
WST081 Wastewater Collection I 3
WST082 Wastewater Collection II 3
WST091 Wastewater Treatment I 3
WST092 Wastewater Treatment II 3
WST093 Wastewater Treatment III 3
One course from this list of RECOMMENDED COURSES: Units
CIT101 Introduction to Computer Literacy 3
CIT102 Advanced Computer Literacy 3
GIS098 GIS Work Experience 1 - 4
Total Units 33 - 39

Gainful Employment Disclosure Information

On-time Completion Rates and Estimated Cost of Program