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IE Scene - SBVC RTVF Students Produce News for KVCR

What is IE Scene?

Cameraperson Vanya Evans and Producer/Reporter Donna Trewhella

Under the direction of former CNN Producer Diane M. Dusick, RTVF students and volunteers produce weekly news packages for air on KVCR television Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:58 p.m..

SBVC student Donna Trewhella was hired to work with Dr. Dusick to work as a producer/reporter.

Students enrolled in production classes serve as segment producers, assignment editors, reporters, writers, camera operators, and video editors, gaining real-world experience in producing news and building their resumes.

For information on how you can join this program, contact Diane M. Dusick at (909) 384-8546

(Photo: Cameraperson Vanya Evans & reporter Donna Trewhella.)


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