Application and Information Workshops




The nursing program will be accepting applications for spring 2016 August 1st-September 15th.  Students will be required to submit their completed application packet with the exception of the HESI between the aforementioned dates.  Please note that grades must be posted for all prerequisite courses at time of application. 


HESI by Invitation Only

Effective fall 2014, Students applying to the nursing program are no longer required to take the HESI Exam prior to their application to the nursing program.  Students will instead submit their complete application to the nursing department between the dates of August 1st and September 15th

Upon receipt of the applications, the nursing department will screen all applications submitted after the September 15th deadline and will then invite eligible students to take the HESI Exam.  A letter will be mailed to students who are selected inclusive of details regarding HESI registration, location and submission deadline. 


LVN-RN Bridge

Due to great impaction, effective December 02, 2014, LVN-RN Bridge students will no longer be admitted to the nursing program via the waitlist.  Instead, students will be required to apply on the same point system as the Generic ADN students.  Therefore, all prerequisites must be completed with grades posted at time of application.  Once applications are submitted and reviewed by the nursing department, eligible students will then be invited to take the HESI Exam.  The application period for the LVN-RN Bridge will be the same as the Generic ADN program. 

Please note that students will no longer be admitted to a waitlist.  Applications to the Bridge program will either be immediately accepted or denied.  Students are welcome to reapply if their application is denied and they are recommended to meet with our nursing counselor to discuss recommendations for re-application. 

Additionally, note that students admitted to the waitlist prior to December 02, 2014, will not be required to apply on the point system.  Students will be admitted via the already existent waitlist. 

With the coexistence of the current LVN-RN Bridge waitlist and new implementation of the point system, the nursing department will be admitting 50% of applicants directly from the waitlist and the remaining 50% from the new application pool via the point system.  Once the current waitlist is diminished, all students applying for the LVN-RN Bridge program will be required to apply via the point system and will no longer be placed on a waitlist of any kind.

Lastly, please note that students applying on the point system for the LVN-RN Bridge program will not be competing with the Generic ADN applicants.  Instead, they will be considered for admission using a separate pool inclusive of only LVN-RN  Bridge students.


Nursing workshops SPRING and SUMMER 2016:

Dates and Times:

APRIL 20       2:30 – 4:30      WEDNESDAY

APRIL 25       2:30 – 4:30      MONDAY

MAY 20          1:00 – 3:00      FRIDAY

JUNE 22         2:30 – 4:30      WEDNESDAY

JULY 13         3:00 – 5:00      WEDNESDAY

*Locations will be posted on the HLS 101 DOOR

Listed below are topics that will be covered at each workshop:

    - Prerequisites
    - Admission requirements
    - Point System
    - How and when to apply
    - Selection process
    - Description of program
    - Costs
    - Financial Aid
    - LVN to RN program

Click here for SPRING and SUMMER 2016 Nursing Application Workshops