What Happens to the Waiting List?

The students who have already been placed on the waitlist are required to reactivate each semester.  These students are guaranteed admission to the program when their waitlist number comes up.  The science prerequisites will not expire for those who are already on the waitlist.  Students who are currently on the waitlist are additionally able to apply via the point system in an effort to enter the program faster.  However, these students must meet all requirements emanated by the point system: competitive GPA; total prerequisite completion including Communication Studies 100 or 111, Sociology 100 or Anthropology 102 and Humanities at time of application; and HESI Exam completion.  For those students interested, they must adhere to the same procedure and instructions provided for new ADN applicants.  If these students are not admitted via the point system, they will retain their number on the waitlist as long as they follow the reactivation procedure. 

As long as a waitlist exists, the nursing program will admit approximately 75% of applicants to the program directly from the waitlist.  The remaining 25% of students will be admitted via the new point system.  Once all students on the waitlist have been admitted, 100% of the applicants will be admitted solely via the point system. 

For students who are not currently on the waitlist, please note that the waitlist is frozen.  New applicants to the nursing program will not be placed on a waitlist.  Instead, all new applicants are required to apply on the point system only.