Changes to Admission Requirements

Change in Admission Requirements



SECTION 1. Section 66055.8 of the Education Code A California Community College that operates a registered nursing program shall not require a student who has been admitted to that registered nursing program and who has already earned a baccalaureate or higher degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education to undertake any coursework other than the coursework that is unique and exclusively required to earn a nursing degree from that institution.

The composite general education GPA of students with Bachelor’s degrees or higher will be calculated solely from the following required general education prerequisites:
        (1)   English 101
        (2)   Sociology 100 or Anthropology 102
        (3)   Communication Studies 100 or 111
If a student completed a Bachelor’s degree without either of the above listed prerequisites, they will be required to take them for purposes of applying to the nursing program and NCLEX eligibility. 


 What this means:

• Assembly Bill 1559 mandated California registered nursing schools to develop criteria for determination of who will be accepted into their programs

• SBVC has developed a system based on a template developed by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office

•The new admission procedure for entrance to the nursing program has been adopted by the SBCCD

• New admission to the program is competitively based on a points system

• Maximum number of points that can be assigned is 100, according to the following five categories:

1. Academic Degrees; Relevant Certificates

2. Grade Point Average

3. Life Experiences or Special Circumstances

4. Proficiency in language other than English (American Sign Language or Spanish) as evidenced by appropriate level of college coursework. See Point System for Admission Sheet* below for details.

5. HESI Exam- Change to HESI Exam requirement beginning Fall 2014

HESI by Invitation Only

Effective fall 2014, Students applying to the nursing program are no longer required to take the HESI Exam prior to their application to the nursing program.  Students will instead submit their complete application to the nursing department in between the dates of August 1st and September 15th

Upon receipt of the applications, the nursing department will screen all applications submitted after the September 15th deadline and will then invite eligible students to take the HESI Exam.  A letter will be mailed to students who are selected inclusive of details regarding HESI registration, location and submission deadline. 


* Please see Point System for Admission for further information 

 Other Important Changes:

• Students may no longer “defer” to a later semester when accepted into the program

• Students MUST have a valid social security number to be admitted to the nursing program