RN Program

ATTENTION NEW APPLICANTS: Evaluations are required to apply. If evaluations are not complete in time for nursing application, nursing application will not be accepted.

Fillable application forms will only be available during the application period

How to Apply:

  • Submit college application and be admitted to SBVC (Become a Student)  Nursing Program Application is available online. Must be typed. 
     Note: Program applications cannot be submitted electronically.  Students must
               download, type,and print the application.
  • Submit the following to the Nursing Department by appropriate deadline when all prerequisites are completed with grades posted.
  • Proof of High School completion (transcript OR Diploma OR G.E.D. score OR California State High School  Proficiency exam score)
  • Evaluation of Prior credit from all colleges attended except SBVC (must be  issued in last 6 months)
  • Proof of Social Security Number or Tax ID number (Copy will be made by department office)
  • Financial Aid Award Letter if student is attempting to earn points for financial need within the “Special Circumstances” category.
  • Go to Application to download application and type in fillable form.

incomplete and/or late applications will not be accepted.

-Application to the Nursing program (available in Heath & Life Science Building, HLS 101 or online)

-Applicant admission to the program is competitively based on a points system

-Students will be notified in writing of their admission status and if they have been selected to complete the HESI Exam.

-Applicants wishing to transfer from another nursing program will only be considered if space is available.  Currently, there is no space available for transfer students for the 2016-2017 academic year

Late applications will not be accepted.
Only SBVC students do not need Evaluations of prior credit.
For January 03-Feb 03 applications: October 01-December 15th

For August 01-September 01 applications: May 01-July 15

Additional information on credit evaluations: click here


Getting Started:

1. Apply to SBVC

2. Complete mandatory online orientation

3. If all prerequisites have been completed at colleges and/or universities other than San Bernardino Valley College, please see the nursing counselor for a matriculation exemption prior to applying to the nursing program.

4. Apply to Nursing Program within the above indicated application periods. Please note that grades must be posted for all prerequisite courses at time of application.


HESI by Invitation Only

Students applying to the nursing program are not required to take the HESI Exam prior to their application to the nursing program. Students will be required to submit their completed application packet with the exception of the HESI between the aforementioned dates.

Upon receipt of the applications, the nursing department will then screen all applications submitted after the September 1st deadline and will invite eligible students to take the HESI Exam.  A letter will be mailed to students who are selected inclusive of details regarding HESI registration, location and submission deadline. Note: We do not accept outside HESI scores. 


Important: A background check and health requirement verification will be required before enrollment in the program. California may deny Registered Nursing license to an applicant based on a conviction or legal action substantially related to nursing practice.




  • Application for admission to Nursing Program is available online during application periods only.


  • Proof of High School completion (transcript or Diploma or G.E.D. score or California State High School Proficiency exam score, if no degree has been earned)
  • Official college transcripts from all colleges and/or universities attended even Crafton Hills College, except SBVC.
  • Copy of Financial Aid Award letter if attempting to earn points for financial need within the “Special Circumstances” category.  
  • Proof of Social Security Number o


    r Tax ID Number (Copy will be made by department office)

Registration in nursing program courses is limited to students who have completed program prerequisites, degree required courses, have applied, and been accepted into the nursing program.