Library Technology Associate of Arts Degree

Library Technology Associate of Arts Degree

To graduate with a specialization in Library Technology, students must complete 18 units from the following list of courses plus the general breadth requirements for the Associate Degree (minimum 60 units).


ENGL 055 Children's Literature (3) Units OR
ENGL 155** Children's Literature (3 Units
LIB 062  Care & Repair of Library Materials  (1) Unit
LIB 064  Introduction to Libraries for Library Technicians (1) Unit
LIB 065  Public Services for Library Technicians (1) Unit
LIB 066  Acquisitions for Library Technicians (3) Units
LIB 067  Library Technical Services (3) Units
LIB 068 Library Media Services (2) Units
LIB 069* Library Automation for Library Technicians (2) Units
Total Units = 18

Lib 110 Information Literacy (1) Unit

* or any other hands-on college-level computer course
**or any other college-level literature course