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Student Clubs

Student Clubs of Interest to English Majors

The Writers' Block

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The Writers’ Block mission is to increase the interest in reading, performance, and enjoyment of all types of poetry and literature.

The Writers’ Block is a community of writers with a passion for the written word. Whether you are a poet, author, lyricist, or a reader, The Writers' Block students invite you to join them.

Activities During the 2013-2014 Year
  • Insta-Poetry (poetry written by request on any topic on the spot)
  • Write-In (write with other writers)
  • Workshops on preparing for Student Poetry Readings and submitting work to the college literary magazine.

Contact the Writers’ Block to get email notifications in the fall about meeting times and other info at

Find more info at The Writers' Block website.

Follow the Writers’ Block at: Facebook @ The Writers’ Block at SBVC


Club Advisor Joel Lamore can be reached at

Club Advisor Michael Slusser can be reached at 

Los Redactores

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As the journalism and writing club on campus, Los Redactores works to ensure that the various voices on our campus and within our community are heard. 

The club provides constant opportunities for our writers to be printed in our Newsletter, published and dispersed across campus bi-weekly! The club strives for a more active, and a more inclusive, campus which promotes Associated Student Government events, club activities, and other opportunities for our students to get involved and be active on campus. 
Los Redactores is a collaboration of rogue writers, looking to network with local professionals and provide the atmosphere of a newsroom dedicated to the truth.

If you're looking to get involved, feel free to contact Los Redactores at

Follow on Twitter: @LosRedactiresSB, or on Facebook: