Committee Members

Matriculation Committee Members

The following employees serve on the Matriculation Advisory Committee:

Marco Cota & Gina Curasi - Co-Chairs

Ken Blumenthal, Faculty

Carol Brown, Classified

Marco Cota, Management

Gina Curasi, Faculty

April Dale-Carter, Classified Supervisor

Arleen Delgado, Classified

Paula Ferri-Milligan, Faculty

Jeremiah Gilbert, Faculty

Diane Hunter, Faculty

Kathy Kafela, Faculty

Moustafa Kanawati, Faculty

Yvette Lee, Faculty

Manuel Loera, Faculty

Leonard Lopez, Faculty

Gail Mack, Faculty

Marty Milligan, Management

Anita Moore, Classified

Jose Recinos, Faculty

Roger Sadler, Faculty

Ricky Shabazz, Management

James Smith, Management

Kay Weiss, Management