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Committee Members

Membership is comprised of the Vice President of Student Services, the Vice President of Instruction, the Dean of Student Development, Dean of Counseling & Matriculation, Director of Admissions, Director of Financial Aid; Learning Resource Center faculty member, Matriculation coordinator, Public Relations Director, Director of Institutional Research, two (2) instructional deans appointed by the VP Instruction, three (3) classified appointed by CSEA, four (4) faculty appointed by Academic Senate, at least two (2) student service faculty, a representative from Professional Development, two (2) student prepresentatives, and any other interested parties.

List of Current Committee Members

In Alphabetical Order:

Stephanie Briggs

Marco Cota, Dean of Counseling & Matriculation 

Dr. Haragewen Kinde, Vice President of Instruction

Jean Marquis, Counselor

Dr. James Smith, Dean, Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness

Dr. Kay Weiss, Dean, Humanities